• The Washington, D.C. “Swamp” political industrial complex is ready to loot more of Americans’ wealth under the guise of a so-called “rescue” from the coronavirus chaos!

    Some of us THINK it's infuriating!

    Please rate your thoughts on each of the following CORONA-Y-ISM looting examples my staff has compiled.

    Thank you in advance for your participation.



    1.1 million dead people reportedly got government checks totaling about $1.4 billion under Congress' last
    CORONA-Y-ISM spending bill. Do you find this understandable or infuriating?
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    The Washington, D.C. "Swamp" handed your hard-earned tax dollars to themselves and their family businesses in the last CORONA-Y-ISM spending monstrosity. . .

    • Speaker Pelosi's husband got as much as $1 million for his hotel; and
    • A slew of companies owned by governors of states who ORDERED you and me under lockdown got money -- including California Gov. Gavin Newsom who took some $350,000 for his winery then proceeded to shut down wineries in 19 counties but kept his own open.

    Do you find such political self-dealing understandable or infuriating?
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    Big Corporate Banks will profit an estimated $18 BILLION in processing fees, under the so-called "CARES Act's" PPP program.

    This windfall is just for being the conduits of the program's taxpayer-supplied "loans" -- the bulk of which went to large corporations and not the mom and pop businesses politicians claimed -- and does not include direct bailouts banks received themselves.

    Do you find these indirect bailouts for Big Banks understandable or infuriating?
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  • As a result of the influx taxpayer-supplied cash mentioned above, the United States' largest bank, JP Morgan, just reported its highest quarterly revenue ever. Do you find this infuriating or understandable?
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    The Social Welfare Crowd, the politically-connected, and their corporate pals, they have all reaped rewards from Congresses' Federal Reserve-backed CORONA-Y-ISM spending. Meanwhile, middle-class Americans might get a few thousand dollars to keep quiet (many haven't and won't).

    To top it all off, the folks on main street are forced to watch looters and rioters destroy their businesses and livelihoods.

    Is this understandable or infuriating?
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