Defund ObamaCare Now!

With the debt ceiling and government funding vote finished, big-spending politicians in both parties may think they can sigh in relief that the pressure's off.

By signing your "We Won't Forget" Fax Petition to congressional leadership, you'll help Campaign for Liberty send a clear message that business as usual doesn't apply anymore.

Instead of letting them take a breather, you and I can prove we're going to turn up the pressure for fiscal sanity and responsibility higher than ever.

After you've signed your petition, I hope you'll give $30, $50, or even $75 to help Campaign for Liberty follow our petitions with additional nationwide efforts to mobilize millions more Americans to stand up to the establishment and rein in reckless government at all levels.

To Congressional Leadership:

We WON'T Forget!

Whereas:   America‚Äôs national debt is rapidly approaching $17 trillion, with trillions more in unfunded liabilities; and
Whereas:   Congress rammed through a closed-door deal increasing spending and debt on October 16, 2013, without even giving most members time to read the bill - proving once again that Congress is incapable of addressing the fiscal disaster facing this country; and
Whereas:   By suspending the debt ceiling, Congress handed President Obama a blank check through February 2014; and
Whereas:   The Continuing Resolution reopening government makes our current fiscal problems worse; and
Whereas:   This backroom deal is full of special breaks and even earmarks, yet it does nothing to lessen the destructive impact ObamaCare is having on the American people; and
Whereas:   The only way to stop this type of reckless behavior is to let Congress know we are watching them and will not forget their irresponsible actions.
Therefore:   I and millions of other liberty-minded Americans will not forget your failure to cut spending or alleviate the economic disaster called ObamaCare, and your actions deepen our determination to promote fiscal sanity and limited government.
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