Defund ObamaCare Now!

Big-spending, Big Government politicians destroy our personal liberties, often to line the pockets of their cronies.

The use of domestic drones, indefinite detention of American citizens, warrantless searches and seizures, warrantless wiretapping, and TSA groping and virtual strip-searches are just a few examples of the daily practice of Big Government politicians destroying the foundation of American greatness: Individual Liberty.

You and I must lead the fight to declare: "Enough is Enough!"

After you complete your Citizen's Stand for Individual Liberty petition, please consider making a contribution to help Campaign for Liberty continue the fight to protect our individual liberty.

Campaign for Liberty operates as government should, meaning we will not go into debt. Our efforts to Reclaim the Republic and Restore the Constitution are only possible thanks to our members' ongoing financial support.

Citizen Stand

for Individual Liberty!

Whereas:   I am opposed to the unlimited use of drones in U.S. airspace, as they can be used to spy on U.S. citizens; and
Whereas:   I am opposed to any domestic surveillance of Americans without court orders, especially that authorized by the so-called "Patriot" Ac; and
Whereas:   I am opposed to the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial or right of habeas corpus, as is authorized by the passing of the NDAA4; and
Whereas:   I am opposed to the unlawful searches and seizures, groping, and virtual strip-searches practiced daily by the TSA.
Therefore:   I am joining Campaign for Liberty in standing up against the government's intentional intrusion into our privacy and elimination of our personal liberties.
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