End the TSA!

Dear Rand Paul and C4L:

I understand that our Fourth Amendment rights are vital in protecting us from an overreaching federal government, and the TSA violates those protections every single day.

The expansion of TSA represents an even more intrusive breach of our Constitutional rights and sets an unnacceptable precedent.

I understand how important my participation is in this fight.

So I stand beside you in your efforts to end the TSA, and I'm signing my "Statement of Support" to make my voice heard.

Statement of Support to End the TSA:
To Senator Rand Paul and Campaign for Liberty

Whereas:   The TSA still contracts with three companies who manufacture potentially harmful backscatter and millimeter wave Automated Imaging Technology; and
Whereas:   The TSA operates retroactively in response to threats from “yesterday’s terrorists” and employs dehumanizing screening procedures that violate Americans’ civil liberties; and
Whereas:   The TSA is expanding far beyond our airports at a frightening pace to train stations, highways, and even political and sporting events;
Therefore: I will join Senator Rand Paul and Campaign for Liberty in calling for an end to the TSA!

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