Defund ObamaCare Now!

Now that they're back from their August recess, President Obama and Big Government apologists from BOTH parties are ready to "fix" Syria's civil war - even when it means rushing to the aid of al-Qaeda.

Without your action today, President Obama and his statist pals could get exactly what they want - a new, ugly war with Syria.

I'm afraid - if they get their wish - American citizens will pay the price once again.

So please sign the below "No War With Syria" Emergency Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY.

And after you sign your Fax Petition, please make a generous contribution to help Campaign for Liberty FLOOD Congress with a grassroots tidal wave of action opposing Barack Obama's war in Syria.

No War in Syria:

Emergency Fax Petition

Whereas:   Barack Obama and his allies in Congress are attempting to ram through a resolution allowing military action in Syria; and
Whereas:   America has no national security interest in intervening in Syria's civil war; and
Whereas:   The ranks of the Syrian rebels are filled with al-Qaeda, and U.S. action could strengthen their hand and result in even more lives lost in the conflict; and
Whereas:   Polls show that over 70% of the American people oppose military action in Syria; and
Whereas:   The federal government is broke and cannot afford to continue policing the world.
Therefore:   I urge you to vote to oppose military action in Syria at every opportunity.
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