Stand With Rand

The most important vote in the ENTIRE fight over gun control will take place tomorrow morning in the U.S. Senate when Harry Reid attempts to move gun control to the floor.

Without your IMMEDIATE action, what's left of our Second Amendment freedoms could be lost. So please sign your Stand With Rand Filibuster Fax Petition below.

After you sign your Petition and call your U.S. Senators, please consider chipping in to help Campaign for Liberty mobilize millions more Americans to this fight.

Stand With Rand:
Filibuster Gun Control

Whereas:   Barack Obama's radical anti-gun agenda is at the top of Harry Reid's agenda for the U.S. Senate; and
Whereas:   Barack Obama‚Äôs entire agenda, including so-called "mental health screenings" and "expanded background checks," is a threat to our gun rights; and
Whereas:   Senator Rand Paul has announced he will be filibustering the motion to proceed to the bill to stop any gun control bill from reaching the Senate floor; and
Whereas:   Self-described "pro-gun" Senators now have a simple choice to make: Either "Stand With Rand" - or President Obama.
Therefore: As your constituent, I urge you to Stand With Rand's filibuster of Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda.

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