With his lawsuit against President Obama and the out-of-control NSA, along with his efforts inside Congress, Senator Paul is working hard to roll back the surveillance state.

But to successfully defend our Fourth Amendment rights, Campaign for Liberty must force Congress to act by pouring as much intense grassroots pressure as we can on Capitol Hill!

So please help Campaign for Liberty turn up the heat by signing the below “Stand with Rand on the NSA” petitions to your representative and senators.

After you sign your petitions, please make your most generous contribution right away!

Stand With Rand on the NSA!
To My Representative and Senators

Whereas:   The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the American people’s right to privacy from unwarranted government snooping; and
Whereas:   It has been revealed the National Security Agency (NSA) is blatantly ignoring constitutional limitations and creating a domestic surveillance state; and
Whereas:   Innocent, law-abiding Americans have to worry about their government tracking and storing their private communication information; and
Whereas:   The Director of National Intelligence has already been caught lying to Congress about the NSA’s surveillance programs, and Congress must hold him, the President, and the NSA accountable; and
Whereas:   Senator Rand Paul has filed a class action lawsuit against the Obama administration and its out-of-control NSA;
Therefore: I urge you to publicly stand with Rand against the NSA’s unacceptable tactics, hold the Obama administration accountable, and cosponsor, as well as do everything in your power to pass, legislation ending the NSA’s abuse of power.

Please submit the information below to sign the petition. A copy will be faxed to your representative and senators.
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