Emergency Ballot

Recently, my attorneys informed me the IRS has launched a new attack on Campaign for Liberty, demanding we turn over sensitive contributor information.

I’m afraid the statists’ goal is to cripple Campaign for Liberty and perhaps even force us to shut our doors.

But the truth is, this issue extends beyond Campaign for Liberty and could have massive legal ramifications for ALL Americans.

If the IRS gets its way, the door could open for targeting, harassment, and intimidation for anyone who believes in liberty and limited government and takes a stand.

Campaign for Liberty is prepared to lead this fight on behalf of all freedom-loving Americans. But I need you to tell me what to do.

Below you’ll find your Campaign for Liberty IRS Battle Survey. Please tell me how I should respond to this new IRS threat.

And after you fill out your IRS Battle Survey, please agree to chip in to help C4L be ready to fight back TODAY!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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