Following my retirement from Congress, federal law has restricted what I could say and do for the past year.

But the muzzle's been removed.

And I’m determined to fight harder for liberty than ever before.

I want to let Congress know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, far from backing off, you and I are going to turn up the pressure in the fight for individual liberty.

So please help me make sure EVERY member of Congress knows the R3VOLUTION is alive and well by signing your "Defend Liberty Directive" below.

After you sign your Directive, I hope you'll make a generous contribution to help Campaign for Liberty FLOOD Congress with "Defend Liberty Directives" from patriots all across the country.

Defend Liberty Directive to:

My U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas:     ObamaCare threatens to deny access to quality, affordable health care for millions of Americans; and
Whereas:     The National Security Agency’s warrantless spying on Americans’ phone calls, e-mails, and Internet activities blatantly violates the Fourth Amendment; and
Whereas:     Tax-Hungry Governors and special interests are still seeking to raise the price of every good the American people buy online by ramming the National Internet Tax Mandate into law; and
Whereas:     The Federal Reserve erodes the average American’s standard of living while bailing out big banks, large financial firms, and even foreign central banks—and does all this in secret; and
Whereas:     Congress should advance individual liberty and economic prosperity by repealing ObamaCare, ending the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance, rejecting the National Internet Tax Mandate, and passing Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed legislation.
Therefore:    I urge you to stand up and fight for our God-given liberties by making Ron Paul’s Liberty Agenda your top priority in 2014.
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