The Obama Administration has unleashed its Federal Election Commission attack dogs on Campaign for Liberty.  They know our efforts to fight back against their statist power-grabs are succeeding, and they want to shut us down.

By filling out the Declaration of Support below, you are sending a clear message to the Washington power structure that you will not be silenced.

After you have filled out your Declaration of Support for Campaign for Liberty, consider making a generous contribution - even if you can only chip in $10 today.

Campaign for Liberty
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The statist power structure in Washington cannot be allowed to silence
Campaign for Liberty at this crucial time.

 Our efforts are clearly making a difference - and are clearly putting a target on the Liberty movement, with their latest scheme multiple Federal Election Commission harassment complaints. I realize they simply want to shut us up - or shut us down.

And I'm not going to stand idly by and watch that happen. You can count on me to:

Affirm my support for Campaign for Liberty's legislative activities,
including Audit the Fed and End the Mandate.

 Affirm my support for Campaign for Liberty's voter education program, where our Candidate survey informs voters of candidates' stands on Liberty issues.

 Authorize Campaign for Liberty to fight against restrictions on our free speech.
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