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The Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) takes money from hard-working Americans like you to make risky loans to politically powerful corporations like Boeing, GE, and Solyndra.

Eximbank also puts taxpayers at risk of having to finance another bailout of big banks and crony capitalists.

The upcoming reconfirmation of Fred Hochberg to head Eximbank gives us an excellent opportunity to force Congress to shut it down by demanding the Senate not reappoint Hochberg until Congress passes - and Obama signs - legislation shutting down Eximbank.

So please sign the "Shut Down Eximbank" petition today.

And after you sign your petition please chip in to Campaign for Liberty's efforts to protect taxpayers with a contribution of $50, $40, $20, or even $10.

Shut Down Eximbank Petition To:
My U.S. Senators

Whereas:   The Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) is a little-known “New Deal” federal agency that either loans money directly or "guarantees" loans to American businesses for projects that could not otherwise obtain capital; and
Whereas:   If the company cannot pay back the loans, the taxpayer pays back the loan; and
Whereas:   In 2007, then-Senator Barack Obama called Eximbank “little more than a fund for corporate welfare” that should be shut down; and
Whereas:   The perilous state of the international economy creates a real risk that continued support for Eximbank could lead to yet another taxpayer-financed corporate bailout; and
Whereas:   The Senate will soon consider President Obama’s renomination of Fred Hochberg for another term as head of Eximbank; and
Whereas:   Large, politically powerful corporations received the lion’s share of Eximbank funding.
Therefore: I request the Senate not reconfirm Fred Hochberg as head of Eximbank until Congress passes legislation shutting down Eximbank and ordering Mr. Hochberg to only perform whatever tasks are necessary to shut down Eximbank.

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