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Please sign the below "NO DEBT LIMIT INCREASE" Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY!

As you'll see, your petition urges your Representative and Senators to oppose ANY increase in our federal debt limit.

If passed, it will simply cut up our government's credit cards and force our federal government to live within its means.

And after you sign your petition, please make a generous contribution to help C4L mobilize the American people to stop Congress from raising the debt ceiling.

NO Debt Ceiling Increase Fax Petition:

To My U.S. Senators and Representative

Whereas:   Our national debt is approaching $17 TRILLION; and
Whereas:   In 2013, our federal government is expecting record revenue of $2.7 TRILLION - which was the size of the ENTIRE federal budget as recently as 2007; and
Whereas:   Returning to 2007 levels would simply force President Obama and members of Congress to end the spending spree that has left our country nearly $17 TRILLION in debt; and
Whereas:   Hardworking families all across the country understand they have to live within their means. They understand allowing credit card debt to build up month after month is a recipe for disaster.
Therefore:   I urge you to REJECT any debt ceiling increase and instead balance our federal budget immediately.
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