With Congress on the verge of passing a Cap and Trade scheme to hike taxes by $650 BILLION, create invasive new federal government powers and wipe out a million jobs, it's never been more important you and I stand up and voice our opposition.

      That's why it is vital you sign this petition to your senators DEMANDING they vote against HR 2454, the so-called Cap and Trade Bill, or any other Cap and Tax legislation.

      After you sign, please chip in $10 to Campaign for Liberty to get more folks in this fight.  Campaign for Liberty operates as government should, meaning we will not go into debt.  We are entirely dependent on your ongoing financial support.

"Stop Cap and Tax!"
Petition to the U.S. Senate

Whereas:   Passage of the so-called Cap and Trade Bill would increase taxes by $650 BILLION per year, virtually guaranteeing that our economy gets even worse and NEVER recovers; and

Whereas:   The resulting toll on our economy has been estimated at more than one million lost jobs; and

Whereas:   The result will be more government interference in business, and more power to decide which businesses get favorable treatment; and

Whereas:   This bill is yet another forcible taking of our personal freedom by allowing for home inspections and monitoring of private citizens; and

Whereas:   Passage of so-called Cap and Trade would give the federal government unprecedented control over our lives;

Therefore:   I urge you to vote against HR 2454, the so-called Cap and Trade bill, or any other Cap and Tax legislation, at every opportunity, including voting to maintain a filibuster.

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