Defund ObamaCare Now!

Friend of Liberty,

Thanks to the efforts of Campaign for Liberty members across the country, a historic Senate majority voted in favor of Audit the Fed on January 12.

And we are not giving up!

I’m counting on you now to help generate a tidal wave of grassroots pressure on the House of Representatives to hold a roll call vote on Audit the Fed this year.

Passing H.R.24 in the House will set up a second Senate vote -- giving senators who’ve been feeling the heat from their constituents a chance to correct their mistake, and stand with the nearly 75% of Americans who support Audit the Fed, rather than the banksters and the political elites.

Please sign the below petitions to House Speaker Paul Ryan and your U.S. Representative immediately.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Pass Audit the Fed Petition to:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
cc: My U.S. Representative

Whereas:   The Federal Reserve System leads to ever-expanding Big Government boondoggles like ObamaCare and encourages politicians to expand our $19 TRILLION debt; and
Whereas:   The Federal Reserve Bank continues to operate in secrecy as they continue the same failed policies that result in constant economic crises, destruction of the middle class and the devaluation of the United States dollar; and
Whereas:   Polls show nearly 75% of the American public support a full audit of the Federal Reserve, and Audit the Fed has passed the House with bipartisan support in each of the past two sessions of Congress; and
Whereas:   The economic turmoil we’ve seen recently in Greece is nothing compared to what will happen here if we don’t finally strike at the heart of Big Government: The Federal Reserve; and
Therefore:   I urge you, as Speaker of the House, to bring up Audit the Fed (H.R.24) for an immediate full floor vote.
Therefore:   I urge you, as my U.S. Representative, to cosponsor and do everything in your power to pass the Audit the Fed bill (H.R.24).
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