Defund ObamaCare Now!

The Virginia House of Delegates is under intense – and growing - pressure to cave and pass ObamaCare’s exchanges and Medicaid expansion, and Speaker of the House Bill Howell could be the key to stopping ObamaCare’s full effects from impacting Virginia.

You see, if Speaker Howell gives in to the heat and cuts a deal with the Senate and Governor McAuliffe, it would likely end the opposition by causing enough Republicans to vote with him to pass ObamaCare expansion through the House and send it to Governor McAuliffe’s desk.

But if he stands firm, it is unlikely that ObamaCare expansion will pass the House.

So far, Speaker Howell has held his position, but he is getting a lot of pressure from special interests to cave to the Governor. So it’s critical we make our voices heard.

Please sign the petition below urging Speaker Howell to hold the line and strongly oppose any attempt to implement ObamaCare in Virginia!

No ObamaCare in Virginia!

Petition to Speaker of the House Bill Howell

Whereas:   Medicaid already makes up the single largest budget item in the Virginia budget; and
Whereas:   Estimates for adopting ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion show it will cost Virginia taxpayers $902 million through 2022; and
Whereas:   The Supreme Court declared ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion to be optional, saying, “The States are separate and independent sovereigns. Sometimes they have to act like it.”; and
Whereas:   The so-called “private option” pursued by some states and promoted by certain Virginia State Senators during the regular session is just ObamaCare’s exchanges by another name;
Whereas:   Arkansas established the same type of “private option” exchange currently being considered in Virginia, which turned out to be such a disaster that one of the Arkansas legislators who initially supported the bill has since disowned it - and is warning other states to not make the same mistake.
Therefore:   I urge you to hold the line and strongly oppose any attempt to implement ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Virginia or pave the way for its future implementation.
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